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16” 97# .589 Wall min 80 KSI New Surplus DRL Closed Seam Bare Piling

16” 97# .589  Wall min 55 KSI New Surplus DRL Closed Seam Bare Piling. Class one steel with a minimum strength of 55 KSI PE DRL. This surplus steel is the perfect choice for piling and structural steel projects. With its robust .589-inch wall thickness, it provides the strength and durability required for demanding deep foundation helical pile applications. The heavy wall and high yield ensure structural integrity, making it an ideal solution for your piling needs. Whether you're working on marine structures, deep foundations projects, or any other project that demands reliable and heavy-duty steel, our surplus steel is designed to exceed your expectations. Elevate your construction projects with confidence – choose our surplus steel for unparalleled performance in piling and structural applications.

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